About Wallace Training Systems

Wallace Training Systems is a professional, private studio located in Delmont, PA. The trainers are focused on helping everyone from the young athlete to the elderly cancer survivor get stronger, become more confident, and live a healthier lifestyle. Wallace Training Systems offers a wide range of training possibilities. In our small group training classes, clients are paired up with a group of individuals with similar goals and experience levels. Alternatively, individuals may create their own group of teammates or friends and train together. Individuals may also elect to work with a coach one-on-one to make a personalized road map and training style to help you reach your goals.

At Wallace Training Systems, we take pride in providing professional service. This starts with professional trainers who take their clients very seriously. See below to find out more about our trainers

Alex began coaching nearly 5 years ago after spending a lifetime practicing and competing in sports. Alex has acquired many of the major certifications in coaching including a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialization, USA Weightlifting Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified in Exercise Nutrition, and a Youth Exercise Specialization …

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Barry hold a B.S. in Fitness Management from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Barry also has his USAW Level 1 certification from United States Weightlifting. He is First aid and CPR certified from the American Red Cross while also obtaining his CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association …

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Zach is a local Franklin Regional grad who spent his 4 years in high school competing on the 2x state champion wrestling team. He currently study’s sport and exercise science at Seton Hill University along with competing and training for their NCAA DII wrestling team. He is committed to helping others reach their health and fitness goals by motivating them individually to create life long habits which will successfully help them reach their goals …

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As a former collegiate football player, Colin developed his knowledge and passion of fitness through competition, training, and overcoming injury. Colin has a strong belief system in functionality, form, and efficiency. Colin is certified by the National …

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How we can help

Athletics Oriented Progression

It’s common for organized sports teams to spend large amounts of time and resources to build knowledgeable, skilled players. While this is important, the process of building healthy, strong, and resilient athletes is often neglected.

We believe that the training of athletic ability in the gym creates a more effective player on the field or the mat. Just as each sport demands a different kind of training, each player requires a personalized program to improve based on their individual needs.

Support and Accountability

Client support is a true strength for Wallace Training Systems. We believe all aspects of our clients’ experience, from billing to training interactions, should be positive, straightforward, and comfortable.

We will provide clear, responsible communication about scheduling, billing and other customer support needs. Our trainers will always be courteous, respectful, and attentive during training sessions. We’ll bring our expert training and knowledge of the body to bear in making sure that weights are appropriate and that exercises are performed correctly. Because all programs are goal-oriented and targeted to the needs of each client, we carefully track progress and attendance to ensure accountability and a healthy progression as we work together toward a client’s goals.

Overall Health Progression

For those training simply to build strength, flexibility, aesthetic appearance, and to improve overall health, it’s important to develop informed goals that lead to sustainable habits. Many want to target certain parts of the body without understanding that a solid whole-body foundation is required to achieve weight loss, strength gains, and aesthetic goals.

We help our clients through continued education and support as they continue on their path to becoming the healthiest version of themselves that they can be.

Community Building

By creating a sense of Team and Community among all Wallace Training Systems clients, we’re better able to help motivate and inspire our people to work to their potential. Community building is built into the DNA of our group and team training programs, creating a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Whether it’s as part of a boot camp community, a team community, or a community of two via personal training, our clients feel the support and encouragement that drives them to reach further than before.

Ready to get started? Need more information? Get ahold of us today!