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About Wallace Training Systems

Wallace Training Systems is a professional, private studio located in Delmont, PA. The trainers are focused on helping everyone from the young athlete to the elderly cancer survivor get stronger, become more confident, and live a healthier lifestyle. Wallace Training Systems offers a wide range of training possibilities. In our small group training classes, clients are paired up with a group of individuals with similar goals and experience levels. Alternatively, individuals may create their own group of teammates or friends and train together. Individuals may also elect to work with a coach one-on-one to make a personalized road map and training style to help you reach your goals.

Success Story: Adam

Adam started working with Wallace Training Systems after a long bout of working out on his own. Being proficient in the weight room already, he just needed the accountability and extra “push” to shed extra body fat. He’s lost nearly 40 lbs, built much more strength, and notices the balanced strength and mobility when navigating through the woods when he’s hunting and trapping. Adam is truly a Wallace Training Systems success story.

Success Story: Christina

For Christina, getting into shape meant to look great and feel great. The first thing her program consisted of was building mobility. We spent a lot of time opening up her hips and ankles to allow her to squat to depth. After she was capable of safely and effectively squatting, we put together a comprehensive strength training and cardio program to get her into the best shape of her life. Despite starting out relatively lean, she lost an impressive [8%] body fat while increasing her strength and muscle mass considerably. Outside of that she learned the pleasure of exercise and eating right, which will carry her health far into the future.

Success Story: Carly

Carly was overweight and out of shape, and had a lot of problems associated with that condition. Her mobility, and balance were both poor. We had to correct these problems by building up the strength of her core, and the mobility of her lower body. Carly also suffers from a heart condition so we had to spend a lot of time delicately building up her work capacity and the strength of her heart. Eventually we were able to move out of this phase to start getting into some general strength training and conditioning. We also had to work on healthy eating habits to help her move in the right direction. Since Carly has started, she has lost over 40 lbs, built a significant amount of strength, improved her work capacity of both her muscles and heart, and is continuing to move in the right direction.

Success Story: Danny

Danny had a lot of raw strength potential but no clear idea on how to build strength, and how to translate that strength into performance. First and foremost we spent a lot of time working on technique for all of the best strength and mass building exercises. This phase was not without hiccups. Danny has a propensity for shoulder issues, and these flared up after some hard fought off-season tournaments. We were able to work around these, improving his shoulder mobility, balancing out the musculature of his shoulder joint, and helping prevent any of these injuries in the future. After he built up a considerable amount of strength and shoulder mobility we started working on translating that strength into power. The program continued to evolve to be more sport specific as the season drew nearer. The off-season allowed him to move up from the 138 lb weight class, to being a full sized 152 lber with a starting position. He’s shaping up to be a solid wrestler in the WPIAL and with the right coaching will continue to improve.

Success Story: Rick

Rick spent years working with Insanity before training with WTS. Insanity got him in pretty good shape, he felt alright, lost a little weight, and was generally happy with his investment. Rick went to a bodybuilding show and realized he wanted to do one as a “bucket-list” activity. Since Rick was already in considerable shape, he just needed to refine his physique to be more aesthetic. We built a program centered on building muscle and he built up an impressive amount of muscle in a short period of time, training only 4 hours a week. Rick has suffered some aches and pains but we have adjusted the program in the process to make sure he can continue to train pain free and remain solid in his training. Rick is 58 and is stronger than ever. He won multiple divisions in his first show and is already planning on doing his second.

Success Story: Jared

Jared worked out on his own for several months and saw some good results. After growing a bit stale and needing a change he came to Wallace Training Systems. In 6 short months he’s added weight to all of his major compound lifts (the bench press, deadlift, squat, and overhead press), he’s changed his nutritional habits for the better, and he’s lost 12 lbs.

Success Story: Nicole

Nicole is a busy mother of 4 who wanted to ‘tone up’ just a bit. Being naturally thin she didn’t need to lose a ton of weight, but rather, just shift how she wore the weight. Since coming to Wallace Training Systems, Nicole has gained strength, lost 5 lbs, and her clothes fit much differently.”

Success Story: Ryne

Ryne is a trisport athlete who starts at all 3 sports. He needs to be big, fast, and strong year round while hopefully avoiding injury, and regaining strength from the inevitable injury set backs. Ryne has gained 20lbs, added speed on his fastball, and improved his sprint mechanics

Success Story: Laurie

Laurie is a busy grandmother who wanted to get in shape. Since training at Wallace Training Systems, she’s gained strength, built endurance, and lost nearly 25lbs

Success Story: Isaac

Isaac came to Wallace Training Systems with the goal of gaining weight. He spent most of his life skinny and wanted to bulk up. After changing his diet and lifting some heavy weights, he was able to gain almost 30lbs

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